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Personalized Approach

Robert Beam is an accomplished stained glass artist.  For Robert, working in stained glass allows him to draw upon his own sense of style, drama and whimsy to combine a historic medium with innovative design for endless possibilities.

Born near Carlisle Pennsylvania, Cumberland County served as the backdrop for his education in art and craftsmanship and has continued to inspire many of his stained glass pieces.  Robert currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina which continues to impassion his work with its beautiful landscapes and diverse industry.

Excellence and Professionalism 

A self-taught artist, Robert has been working with glass for over 20 years and has produced beautiful custom pieces for both commercial businesses and residential homes.  His skills in glass span from exquisite window panels to three-dimensional fused-glass and the introduction of natural media into his designs as well as functional and wearable art.  Robert’s work has been exhibited throughout the east coast.

Timeless Beauty

The almost mystical qualities of stained glass are what inspire Robert to create artwork in this medium.  Glass is a frozen liquid that acts like a solid.  It transmits light.  The mood of each piece changes as the sun’s natural light changes.  Sometimes it is very active, at other times seemingly reflective and passive.  It mysteriously appears different each time it’s looked at.  It will change as the seasons change, constantly offering a new view and new vision.

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